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In 2021 the global energy consumption amounted to about 159 Pwh, and about 92% (147 Pwh) has been provided by fossil fuels. Renewables including Nuclear and Biofuels account for abot 8% of the global energy supply only. Fossil fuels produce about 75% of all CO2 emissions and thus drive climate change with all its negative consequences like extreme weather conditions. Solutions for a carbon neutral future need to go beyond removal of CO2 for instance through protection of rainforests or reforestation. The emissions into the atmosphere need to be reduced. A plethora of gr33nTech solutions can replace fossil fuels as outlined in the exhibit below 

gr33nBASE Deck.jpg

Gr33nBASE is a platform to connect Buyers of gr33nTech solutions and carbon credits with ventures and investors into ventures and/or certified abatement units (carbon credits).

We build the pipeline for solutions & ventures. 

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