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In 2021 the global energy consumption amounted to about 159 Pwh, and about 92% (147 Pwh) has been provided by fossil fuels. Renewables including Nuclear and Biofuels account for abot 8% of the global energy supply only. Fossil fuels produce about 75% of all CO2 emissions and thus drive climate change with all its negative consequences like extreme weather conditions. Solutions for a carbon neutral future need to go beyond removal of CO2 for instance through protection of rainforests or reforestation. The emissions into the atmosphere need to be reduced. A plethora of gr33nTech solutions can replace fossil fuels as outlined in the exhibit below 

gr33nBASE Deck.jpg

Gr33nBASE is a platform to connect Buyers of gr33nTech solutions and carbon credits with ventures and investors into ventures and/or certified abatement units (carbon credits).

We build the pipeline for solutions & ventures. 



Based on decades of experience in the field of Sustainability from a business, engineering and finance perspective as entrepreneurs, managers, researchers, investors and advisors, we developed a holistic view in terms of key players, the regulatory environment, products and services, operating and business models as well as the investment landscape.


Some topics we covered are:

  • Decarbonization strategy for a manufacturing company

  • Developing an Asset Tokenization approach for an operator of solar farms across the European Union

  • Tokenization of Carbon Credits: developing a platform 

  • Launch of a fully regulated 26 mn green bond to finance PV in a European country

  • Development of

  •  a Carbon Reserve Currency

  • ESG Investing and Token Economy Innovation

  • CSRD reporting

  • ...and more


Whether you are an operating company, an investor, a startup, or NGO: we do not only help to formulate your strategy but also support hands in implementation ranging from ecosystem building, business development, design, and transformation of processes and organization to raising capital. 


Drop us a line and talk to us!

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